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Your search for employee development resources ends here! Wayne State University has partnered with Skillsoft to present all new, state-of-the-art employee development tools. Accelerate offers employees access to thousands of online employee development resources in information technology, desktop and workplace skills! Accelerate also offers many ways to learn including books, simulations, assessments, job aids and test preps and much more! This is a free resource for WSU employees and will be accessible anytime and anywhere there’s internet access.

Follow the steps below to Accelerate your career today!

Step 1) Logon to Pipeline at www.pipeline.wayne.edu

Step 2) Click the Employee tab

Step 3) Click the Accelerate icon (right side of the screen).

Accelerate contains over 7,000 learning resources including 850 training videos in IT and Desktop skills. These are short videos that highlight specific tasks and features and are intended for users that are familiar with the software or hardware applications. The average video is just 5 minutes to support busy professionals and is available on mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones further enabling users to access the content anytime and anywhere! Check out the list below.

Adobe Acrobat  
•  Combining PDF documents   
•  Creating a Button to Submit a Form  
•  Creating a Drop-down List
•  Creating Calculated Fields
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6   
•  Cleaning up Word HTML
•  Configuring Tables
•  Creating from CSS Starter Pages

Android Application Development
•  Creating and Using Custom Buttons
•  Saving to Internal Storage
•  Using Checkboxes
Google Apps  
•  Creating and Managing Google Groups   
•  Creating and Sharing Word Documents
•  Managing Google Contacts
•  Setting Permissions and Notifications

Using Drag and Drop
•  Using the HTML5 Range Slider
•  Email Form Field Validation  
iOS Application Development
•  Hiding the Keyboard on a Click

•  Navigating with a Table View
•  Developing a GUI with Storyboard

Security Essentials
•  Encrypt your USB Sticks and Portable Media
•  Enhance Your Privacy on Social Networks
•  Recognizing E-mail Scams

Social Media
•  Being Googleable
•  Controlling Facebook Notifications
•  Creating Badges

Microsoft Access 2010
•  Create a Crosstab Query
•  Create a Find Duplicates Query
•  Secure a Database

  Looping Through Arrays
•  Setting SCC Properties with JavaScript
•  While and Do While Loops

Microsoft Excel 2010
•  Add Drop Down Validation Rule
•  Useful Math Functions
•  Calculations in Pivot

Microsoft Outlook 2010
•  Automated Replies
•  Creating and Scheduling Meetings
•  Creating Quick Steps for Email Messages

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
•  Combining and Comparing Presentations
•  Inserting a Video and Audio File
•  Protect a Presentation from Being Opened

Microsoft Project
•  Grouping Project Lists
•  Indicating Lead and Lag Time
•  Organizing a Task List

Safari Features and Preferences
•  Syncing Devices
•  Projectors and Airplay


...and so much more!

Use Accelerate's Search 'N Learn feature to search for a video or utilize the Browse Topics box in Books24x7 to see a list of videos.

Find out what Accelerate can do for you and your department. Log on to Accelerate today and start exploring. There are many resources to get started. You can also call the OED office at 313-577-2111.

Always notify your manager or supervisor prior to registration and/or attendance of training.

Test your browser Follow the instructions on the screen or contact your Local Technical Support if you need to install additional software.

For employees with limited computer access, the office of Organization & Employee Development has reserved an open computer lab located at 1700 A/AB every Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Space is limited and offered on a first come first serve basis. Please stop by the office or call us at 313-577-2111 to reserve your spot.

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