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Medical Rates

 Your compensation package includes a sizable investment in your medical benefit. The university pays a large share of the cost of your health insurance. You pay the employee portion through automatic biweekly deductions from your pay. There are 24 deductions for 12-month employees and 18 deductions for 9-month employees.

Medical deductions are collected on a prepaid basis. Review the payroll schedule to determine the timing of deductions and the period being collected, here. Various changing (i.e. adding dependents when a life status change occurs) may result in deduction adjustment. Review your paycheck and notify us if you have questions regarding your deductions.

Each employee group is assigned to either the high or low copay plan which have different rate levels. If you have a question about rates, please call Total Compensation and Wellness at 577-3717.


  1. HIGH Copay ($5/$20/$45 Rx) Active Employee & COBRA Rates
    • AAUP-AFT
    • Non-Represented Employees
    • AFSCME
    • HERE Janitors Local 24 (24)
    • HERE Housing Local 24 (HX)
    • Police Officers Labor Council
    • SEIU Custodial/Grounds Supervisors (7M)
    • Medical Residents
    • Graduate Assistants
    • Research Assistants
    • Stipend Recipients
    • Staff Association (Effective September 1, 2015)
  2. LOW Copay ($5/$10 Rx) Active Employee & COBRA Rates:
    • Operating Engineers
    • P&A Local 1979
    • Staff Association (effective August 1, 2015)
  3. Retirees, Survivors and Long-term Disability Recipients


  1. Active Employee & COBRA Rates - High Copay ($5/$20/$45 Rx) Plan - AAUP-AFT, AFSCME, Non-Represented Employees, Graduate Assistant Employees & Stipend Recipients
  2. Active Employee & COBRA Rates - Low Copay ($5/$10 Rx) Plan  - All other eligible employee groups
  3. Public Act 54 Rates
  4. Retirees, Survivors and Long-term Disability Recipients

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