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New Employee Benefit Checklist


On behalf of the Total Compensation and Wellness Department (TCW) we would like to welcome you to WSU. To ensure that you have successfully completed all the required paperwork to activate you benefits we are providing you with a checklist.

This checklist is designed to help you make your initial benefit enrollment selections in a timely manner. As a new employee, please note that there are certain deadlines that must be met to expedite your benefit plan enrollments. Generally, you have 30 days to choose the benefits most useful to you and your family members. Please make your benefit elections carefully, you may not change your medical elections until the next open enrollment period, unless you experience a qualifying life status change.


  •  I have submitted an Employee Benefit Enrollment /Change Form (if electing medical coverage) within 30 days of my date of hire to TCW.
  •  I have submitted all required documentation to add my dependents to my benefits (tax form, birth certificates and court orders).
  •  I have submitted the Cash In-Lieu of Medical Form to TCW, if I am waiving medical because I am enrolled in a non-Wayne State medical plan.
  •  I have submitted the Life insurance Enrollment Form (basic life is paid by the university, no cost to employee).
  •  I have submitted the 403b Retirement Plan Form (enrollment is not automatic).
  •  I have submitted the Flexible Spending Account Application (enrollment is not automatic).

All benefit plans administered by the Total Compensation and Wellness department are listed here. You may not be eligible for all benefit plans listed, please reference your union contract or employee manual for details.

You can monitor your enrollment and ongoing benefit activity via your electronic Benefit Statement and Pay Stub on Academica. See your departmental administrator for instructions on how to access Academica.

The following sections below contain hyperlinks to connect you to our forms and more detail information regarding our benefits. In general the deadline for most forms is within 30 days from your date of hire.


If you do not enroll within 30 days, you will not have insurance coverage.

Effective Date of medical coverage: First of the month following or concurrent with your date of hire

Forms: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/forms.php#MEDICAL
General Information: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/health-welfare/med-insurance.php


This benefit is not retroactive.

Effective Date: First of the month following or concurrent with your date of hire

Forms: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/forms.php#MEDICAL
General Information: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/health-welfare/cash.php



Effective Date: First of the month following or concurrent with your date of hire

Forms: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/forms.php#DENTAL
General Information: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/health-welfare/dental-insurance.php


The default beneficiary designation is "My Estate". Enrollment for supplemental coverage after the 30 day deadline is subject to the approval of The Standard Insurance. You will have to complete and submit a personal health application for review and determination of eligibility.

Effective Date: Date of hire.

Forms: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/forms.php#LIFE
General Information: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/health-welfare/life-insurance.php


Your vision enrollment is bundled with the medical plan that you select. Completion of the Employee Benefit Enrollment form for medical, will also enroll you in the vision plan. If you have chosen the Cash-in-Lieu of medical insurance benefit, and would like to elect vision coverage, you may enroll in the Voluntary Vision Plan within 30 days of your date of hire. Please use the form below to enroll in the voluntary vision plan. Coverage begins on the first of the month following or concurrent with your date of hire.

Form: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/forms.php#VISION
General Information: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/health-welfare/vision-plan.php


Participation in the retirement plan is voluntary, as such, there is no deadline for enrollment. Eligible employees can enroll in the plan regardless of age or length of university service. Eligibility for matching employer contributions may be subject to a two-year waiting period which may be waived with appropriate prior qualifying service. University contributions are not retroactive.

Forms: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/forms.php#RETIREMENT
General Information: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/retirement-savings/index.php


Eligibility Deadline: Eligible employees must have a current hire date that is on or before the last day of Open Registration to qualify for the subject term.

Forms: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/forms.php#TUITION
General Information: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/tuition-assistance/index.php


Eligible employees are automatically enrolled after completing one year of service, there is no enrollment form to complete.

General Information: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/health-welfare/longterm-disability.php


Interested eligible employees may enroll within 30 days of their hire date. Participation becomes effective 1st of the month  following or concurrent with your date of hire

General Information: http://wayne.edu/hr/tcw/health-welfare/flexible-spending.php