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Long-Term Care Insurance

WSU is pleased to provide Long Term Care Insurance. This coverage is available on an employee-paid basis to active benefits eligible employees and their family members.

Most Americans know about the kind of medical health insurance that pays doctor and hospital bills. Another kind of insurance helps pays for care in a nursing home or home health care. This is called Long Term Care Insurance. 

Long Term Care Insurance covers assistance with activities of daily living -- if you have a chronic illness or disability at any age that leaves you unable to care for yourself  -- in a nursing home, or in your own home.   Further, of the 13 million people in the U.S. who will need Long Term Care, close to 40% are working-age adults, not the elderly. For seniors, these services are not typically covered by Medicare.

Two Benefit Options

Briefly, the two Wayne State University program options are: 

Universal  Life Insurance with Long Term Care (Trustmark)

This program option has the flexibility of providing an affordable long term care benefit in combination with a death benefit.

Group Long Term Care Insurance (John Hancock)

This program option provides the most comprehensive long term care benefits (no death benefits) and is designed to be attractive to employees who have significant assets to protect.   


John Hancock informed Wayne State that they will not accept any NEW applications for insurance after December 31, 2011.

Program Advantages

  • Both program options provide benefits at substantial discounts.
  • Employee participation in either program option is completely voluntary. 
  • Employees will pay 100 percent of the premiums through payroll deduction.
  • On-going counseling and education for employees on their LTC needs will be provided by the insurance carriers. 

Eligible Employees and Other Eligible Dependents

All benefit eligible employees (having an appointment of at least 50%) are eligible to elect either or both options.

The Universal Life Insurance with Long Term Care (Trustmark) option permits enrollment of the spouse, other eligible person and children.

The Group Long Term Care Insurance (John Hancock) option permits enrollment of the spouse, other eligible person, children age 18+, grandparents and in-laws.

On-Going Program Enrollment

All new benefits eligible employees can sign up for coverage at any time. New hires who apply for Group Long Term Care through John Hancock within the first 60 days after their date of hire will receive guarantee issue (i.e., no medical underwriting). All other employee enrollments and enrollment for eligible family members require answers to key health questions. Medical underwriting may need to be approved before coverage actually becomes effective.  

Premium Payments

The employee will pay the full premium amount through the convenience of after-tax payroll deduction.

For the Universal Life Insurance with Long Term Care (Trustmark) option, all premiums will be by payroll deduction.

For the Group Long Term Care Insurance (John Hancock) option, premiums for the employee, the spouse or other eligible person will be by payroll deduction. Other covered persons (i.e., grandparents and in-laws) will be billed at their home address and will make payments directly to John Hancock.

Coverage and Payroll Deduction Dates

The coverage effective date is generally the first of the calendar month after the employee’s application is accepted by the insurance carrier, with deductions to begin on the next available pay date.  

For More Information

Employees should contact the insurance carriers directly to review the program in more detail, get answers to specific questions, receive an individualized rate quote, an/or receive help in selecting the products and features that meet the employee’s needs.

Provider Product Telephone

John Hancock

Group Long Term Care


Or website: http://wsu.jhancock.com (username: wsu; password:mybenefit)



Long Term Care with Universal Life


Process for new enrollment:

First, the employee should call the provider at the telephone number shown above to learn about the plan options and select the desired coverage. Once you complete the enrollment, the the provider will send WSU a payroll listing which reflects the premium amount to be paid by the employee via payroll deduction. Finally, WSU will enter the new payroll deduction amount into the WSU payroll system.

http://wsu.jhancock.com (username: wsu; password: mybenefit)
John Hancock brochure
Trustmark brochure
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