Temporary Employment - Staffing Agency


Any request for temporary staffing services must be submitted to Human Resources, which will serve as the central coordinator for the temporary agency process.  Human Resources will partner with the approved vendors to identify a temporary employee that will meet your needs.

Temporary Employee Ordering Process

  1. When a need to obtain a temporary employee is identified, units will contact the Talent Management Coordinator in their respective HR Region. All requests for temporary employees from an external vendor must be submitted utilizing the Requisition for Temporary Employee.

  2. The Talent Management Coordinator will then work directly with the approved vendors to identify and screen viable candidates.  The resumes of potential candidates will then be forwarded to the unit for review.

  3. After the unit reviews and identifies potential candidates, the Talent Management Coordinator will work with the vendors to coordinate interviews with the candidates.  If the unit does not wish to interview any candidates, proceed to step 4.

  4. The unit must contact their Talent Management Coordinator after a final candidate is selected.  The Talent Management Coordinator will then work with the vendor to ensure that the appropriate pre-employment screening is conducted.

  5. After the required pre-employment screening is completed, the unit will be notified and a start date should be determined.


Vendor Payment Process

Units are to prepare a WayneBuy Requisition and route it to Procurement for approval.  Procurement will review the Requisition and supporting documents and will generate a Purchase Order to be sent to the Vendor.  The Vendor will be told to contact HR Client Services to coordinate a start date, if not already determined.

All timesheets for the temporary employee must be submitted directly to the vendor according to the vendor’s process.  Invoices will be sent by the vendor directly to the unit for payment.  Units should approve the invoice in WayneBuy by entering a quantity receipt against the PO, matching the dollar amount of the invoice.  The Invoice should then be sent via campus mail to Disbursements, or should be scanned and forwarded to wsuinvoices@wayne.edu, marked OK to pay.  Be sure the University PO number appears on all invoices before submitting them.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   HR Client Services will fulfill any new temporary employee assignments using only the approved staffing agencies.  Units that have open P.O.’s with vendors that have not been named as an approved staffing agency may retain their temporary employee until the assignment is complete or until the employee reaches 1,000 hours worked.  After the employee reaches 1,000 hours, the unit must end the assignment.

Temporary Employee Pricing


Temporary Employee Performance Management

Units are should immediately contact their Talent Management Coordinator if the temporary employee’s performance does not meet expectations.  The Talent Management Coordinator will then work with the vendor to resolve the issue and, if necessary, identify a replacement.

Thank you for your continued support.

List of Approved Temporary Employment Vendors