Return to Campus

Employee return to campus

We are excited about a fall semester that will see the return of in-person classes, the reinstatement of many beloved traditions and a campus full of students eager to take advantage of all Wayne State has to offer. To prepare for their return and offer the support they need, Wayne State will begin to bring faculty and staff back to campus throughout the summer. 

We know there are questions our faculty and staff may have about what this return looks like, what is expected of them and how the timing will work. Unit leaders have been provided a Return to Campus Guide that will assist them as they prepare to bring teams back to campus, but here are some frequently asked questions.

When will I return to campus?

Departments are permitted to begin phasing in employees throughout the summer on an incremental basis. Although flexible work arrangements and hybrid schedules may mean not all employees will be physically on site every day, the goal is to be able to operate at their full on-site capabilities, if necessary, no later than Sept. 7. Speak with your supervisor about your department's specific plans and expectations. 

Will I be notified of when to return?

Each department will return as it is appropriate and feasible for them. Please speak with your supervisor about department plans and expectations.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a mask when indoors; unvaccinated individuals must continue to wear masks when inside. Masks are not required outdoors, regardless of vaccination status.

Do I need to be vaccinated?

Wayne State University has not mandated the COVID-19 vaccine. However, all students, faculty and staff are encouraged to receive their vaccine, either from the Campus Health Center or at the most convenient location.

Can I continue to work remotely?

Many employees have experienced benefits from remote work, including enhanced work-life balance and increased productivity. Where possible and appropriate, we encourage department leaders to be flexible. However, some university activities are best conducted on campus. Regardless, all employees — regardless of position — are expected to be on campus for at least part of their work week to continue facilitating a culture of collaboration and community. Please speak with your supervisor about department expectations and your options, including flexible work arrangements and hybrid schedules.

What do I need to do before coming to campus?

Before returning to campus for your first time, please complete the Warrior Safe training to familiarize yourself with safety guidelines and protocols. Complete the Campus Daily Screener every day you plan to be on campus. Guests and visitors must complete the Guest Campus Screener. If you feel ill or experience any COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home.

Is campus safe?

Throughout the pandemic, the work of Wayne State's Public Health Subcommittee and the Campus Health Center — along with the cooperation of all students, faculty and staff who remained on campus — helped ensure that we maintained a low number of COVID-19 cases on campus. Completing the Campus Daily Screener and adhering to health and safety guidelines will help us continue to keep campus safe. Information regarding air ventilation and building cleanliness is available on the Facilities Planning and Management website. If you have any health concerns, your supervisor can provide more insight into the safety protocols and procedures outlined in the Return to Campus Guide.

Will parking payroll deductions be adjusted to accommodate flexible work arrangements?

The university is currently analyzing options for how parking payments are impacted by flexible work arrangements and will announce that information prior to the start of the semester.