Return to Campus Guide and Checklist

To ensure the safety of our campus community we will continue to work from home whenever possible. We recognize that certain responsibilities cannot be performed remotely or may be achieved more effectively on campus to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff.

The HR Restart Subcommittee has created a Return to Campus Guide and Checklist (pdf) with planning tips, resources, and information to help unit leaders navigate this new blended work environment. The guide is interactive and customizable to meet your goals, while you consider the unique needs of your department and the individuals on your team.

As you identify essential on-campus work needs, use the guide to develop a phased return plan that is safe and appropriate. Complete the Employee Roster on page 14 and share the roster with your VP/Dean.

Contact your unit leader, BAO or HRC with any questions.

Download/Print Return to Campus Guide and Checklist (pdf)

Preparing for your team's return

As stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, we are continuing to work remotely until further notice or in situations where the work cannot be performed remotely. However, we are planning for the restart of limited on-campus operations in the fall. As a supervisor, you play a key role in assuring a smooth transition to a phased, blended work environment for both your on-campus and remote team members, while reinforcing new policies and guidelines to ensure their physical and emotional safety.

It's important to remember that this is not a return to "business as usual." How we work on campus looks much different than it did before the shutdown. Some of your team members will return soon, others will continue to work remotely. Those who return will have to comply with new safety guidelines and limitations on our work processes. It will take time for us all to adjust to this new normal.

This page provides an overview of considerations and guidelines for transitioning to a blended work environment. We thank you for your cooperation and leadership as Warriors make a safe return.

Know who works where

The mix and timing of returning employees will vary and, in many cases, a segment of our workforce will continue to work remotely. It's important to begin planning now to know which team members will return and who will continue to work from home, and become familiar with Wayne State's flexible work arrangement policies.

  • Identify critical on-campus staff. Review your team members' responsibilities to determine which jobs can continue to be done remotely and which team members must be on campus to effectively do their work.
  • Speak with your team. Talk to your team members to understand their willingness to come back and their concerns, such as health, safety or caring for dependents. Work with team members to create a schedule for returning and create solutions that facilitate effective work and maintain the safety of the campus community.
  • Make and communicate your plan. Determine who will continue to work remotely and who will return to campus and when. If necessary, create a staggered schedule to facilitate team members' needs and ensure social distancing. Communicate this plan with your team to ensure they are aware of expectations.

Prepare for the return

The safety of the campus community remains our first priority as we prepare for the return of faculty and staff. After determining who is returning, take the proper steps to understand how to ensure safety and prevent the spread of infection.

  • Ensure cleanliness. Familiarize yourself with your building's cleaning protocols and know what your team is responsible for maintaining. Know where cleaning supplies are located, keep common areas closed, and discourage sharing of supplies and other materials.
  • Know where to report issues. Understand which department to contact should any of your team members begin to show symptoms of COVID-19 or if other issues arise. Ensure that your team members are also aware of who to contact with any issues.
  • Follow the process. Confirm that your team members know the guidelines and procedures for returning to campus, including taking the Warrior Safe training and completing the Campus Daily Screener 48 hours before their return, as well as each day they plan to be on campus.

Keep safety the priority

Once back on campus, it's important to make sure your team consistently follows Wayne State's health and safety guidelines to prevent the spread of infection. It's also vital to communicate constantly, especially in a blended work environment, in order to maintain connections and support your team.

  • Check in. Talk to your team members regularly to understand any concerns they have about being back on campus or working remotely. Help address these concerns and direct them toward appropriate campus resources that can support them.
  • Assess progress. Communicate your goals and expectations with your team members. Regularly review goals and assess effectiveness. Review these weekly and monthly to determine what is working and where improvements can be made.
  • Realign where necessary. If you discover that either returning to campus or working remotely are negatively impacting your team's effectiveness, discuss it with your team and develop solutions that can address their needs while supporting the team's goals and responsibilities.

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