Final Assessment

What's involved in completing a Final Assessment?

The assessment process provides an opportunity for the supervisor and employee to review what has been accomplished against agreed upon individual objectives.  In the left-hand margin are important links to provide additional information on the Final Assessment. 

Keep in mind that the conversations between the supervisor and employee are the most important part of the process.  Status Updates that have been kept throughout the year should help make the Final Assessment easier to complete for both the employee and supervisor. 

The employee puts the status and comment for each objective in Part A and rates him/herself on the core competencies.  The supervisor needs to review the status of the employee's objectives and input own observations and assign a rating for each objectives.  The supervisor also rates the employee on the core competencies.  Then the supervisor assigns the overall rating, taking into consideration the ratings on the objectives and the core competencies.  The supervisor should plan to use the Supervisor's Comments in Part C of the form and then plan to review and comment on Other Contributions on Part C. 

The form should be printed and signed by the supervisor and then reviewed by the second level reviewer and signed. 

The Final Assessment should be discussed between the supervisor and employee during the formal Final Assessment Meeting. 

The meeting and dialogue need to take place on the objectives and the competencies.  Once the meeting is held, the employee and supervisor need to check the box that the competency discussion was held.  Any comments from the employee can be added at this point and then the employee needs to sign the form to to acknowledge that a discussion has occurred on the Final Assessment. 

Copies should be made for all parties and then the original should be sent to the HR/Employment Services Office: 1900 A/AB.  Please check with your department to verify the process within your own unit as the Business Manager or Personnel Officer from your unit may want to receive the originals to send all your department's assessments to HR at one time.