2013 Wellness Warrior Enrollment Ending

Enrollment for the 2013 Wellness Warriors Program ends December 5th! Enrollment is first come, first served - so don't miss out! Remember, the program is a FREE benefit to you because your health is important!

You will receive an extra $50 in your paycheck for enrolling!

The 2013 enrollment process has TWO STEPS that MUST be completed in order to participate in the 2013 Wellness Warriors program:

STEP 1: Register NOW for a FASTING Biometric Health Screening. Register early to avoid missing the opportunity to participate in the 2013 program! First come, first served!

To register for a biometric health screening, log on to Pipeline's Training, Seminars and Workshops (maroon button on 'Employee' tab), scroll down to the 'Wellness Warriors' section and register for your choice of locations!

STEP 2: Complete the online Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) BEFORE YOUR BIOMETRIC HEALTH SCREENING. To complete your HRA, click here: http://www.team-eap.com/ht/wsu/wsu_services.htm

Enrollment Screening Schedule:
December 5th A/AB Room 3700

If you are not able to make the December 5th screening, you may also complete the Biometric Screening by making an appointment with the University Pharmacy (313-831-2008).

We will NOT be holding another enrollment period for 2013. Join us in the 2013 Wellness Warriors program now to start or continue your journey to wellness at WSU! Remember, for enrolling you'll receive $50 in your paycheck!

For more enrollment information, visit our website http://wellness.wayne.edu/enrollment.php

Wellness Warriors

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