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Passport Dental
With Passport Dental, Delta Dental enrollees can receive expert dental care when they are outside of the United States through the AXA Assistance worldwide network of dentists and dental clinics.

American Dental Association

Michigan Dental Association

All eligible employees are covered by a comprehensive dental insurance plan with the Delta Dental Plan of Michigan.

Group 7544 - DeltaPreferred Option point-of-service Plan

Summary of dental benefits - Group 7544

Certificate of dental plan benefits (Delta Preferred – Point of Service)

Stay in network and save money with Delta Dental - Group 7544

2020 Cost Per Pay
Coverage Level

12 Month

9 Month

Single $3.20 $4.26
Two Person $6.35 $8.47
Family $11.54 $15.39


Voluntary Dental Plan

If you have not elected WSU medical insurance, you may enroll in the Voluntary Dental Plan at time of hire, during Open Enrollment or upon a qualified Life Status Change Event.

Voluntary Dental Plan Enrollment Form

2020 Cost Per Pay
Dental Coverage Level

12 Month

9 Month

Single $15.98 $21.31
Two Person $31.76 $42.34
Family $57.71 $76.95


Group 5989 - Retiree and Part Time Faculty Pay All Plan

Eligible People -All retirees who are eligible for the dental benefits plan and pay the full cost to Wayne State University. Also eligible at your option are your legal spouse and your dependent children to the end of the calendar month in which they turn 26.

            Summary of Retiree Pay All Plan dental benefits - Group 5989

            Stay in network and save money with Delta Dental - Group 5989