Waiver of Long-term Disability Waiting Period

 Normally, there is a one-year waiting period for Wayne State University’s long-term disability insurance coverage. However, a provision in our disability insurance contract allows us to waive the normal waiting period if you were covered under your former employer's group total disability insurance plan within three months of your effective date here.

Please provide verification via an e-mail from your former employer or a letter on your former employer’s letterhead to:

Wayne State University
Total Compensation & Wellness
5700 Cass, Suite 3638
Detroit, MI 48202.

The verification should give the following information:

  • Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Name of Insurance Carrier
  • Termination Date of Insurance
  • Affirmation that the plan would have paid benefits for at least 5 years in the event of total disability
  • A copy of the plan document or brochure explaining the plan should be attached to the e-mail or enclosed with the letter.

Upon receipt of the above informaiton, you will receive a written response from Total Compensation & Wellness.