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Is this a topic you’re facing? If so, you’re not alone. Driving and managing change was recently cited as the number one priority for leaders over the next three years in a recent study of 14,320 leaders (DDIs Global Leadership Forecast 2011).

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  “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent,
but the ones who are most responsive to change”

~ Charles Darwin

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Dr. Monica Brockmeyer
Interim Associate Provost for Student Success

College of Engineering


“Constructing a Bigger Perspective to Incorporate Diverse Viewpoints”

Dr. Brockmeyer shares what she learned about successful partnerships as she reflects upon the alliance between WSUs Computer Science Department and Focus: HOPE in Detroit.

The Information Management & Systems Engineering (IMSE) program is a great example of an initiative that is well aligned with WSUs mission while also responding to the need of industry for increased demand of prepared students.  IMSE was established to address the severe under-representation of minorities, women and first-generation college students in the computing & information technology field. It guides students at critical junctures from GED through post-secondary degree completion with a comprehensive support system. Click here to learn more.

“I really learned the value of partnership (as the IMSE alliance evolved)”, Dr. Brockmeyer shared.

One of the things that helped her to guide this evolution was being open to diverse viewpoints, listening well and having a willingness to understand where others are coming from.  While there still may need to be boundaries, this communication strategy has helped Dr. Brockmeyer to re-frame potentially challenging conversations by  creating common ground – which may be all that’s needed to move one step forward. 

Dean Farshad Fotouhi shares, “Dr. Brockmeyer really took this opportunity with Focus:HOPE to heart. She never gave up and (because of her persistence) we received the support needed to make it a success. Thanks to her leadership we’re seeing the fruit of this success now.” 

As for Dr. Brockmeyer’s approach as Chair, Monika Witoslawski, former Lecturer in Computer Science and current Faculty member at Michigan State University, said she is “Someone I’d like to emulate.”

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