Department Check List

The following list includes, but not limited to, the kind of information your manager or supervisor may provide during your Department Orientation.

  • Welcome Letter
  • Copy of job description
  • Statement of department goals/mission/vision
  • Department member biographies/job titles
  • Department phone list (“Whom to Call for What” list)
  • Department organization chart
  • “Buddy” name and contact numbers
  • List of all current department projects
  • Campus Maps
  • Office supply order procedure
  • Severe weather plan
  • Personnel policies (No Smoking, Violence in the Workplace, Sexual Harassment, Confidentiality)
  • Normal work hours/time report and procedures
  • Workplace attire information
  • Meal break/work break policies
  • Conflict of interest and solicitation policies
  • University Attendance Standards & Policies
  • Safe and healthy work environment policies (Environmental Health & Safety)
  • Parking procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Telephone/email policies
  • WSU mementos (mug, keychain, notebook, pen, etc)
  • WSU telephone directory (websites, Outlook, etc)
  • Initial training (WTE, Banner Navigation, RAPP, Cognos, etc)
  • Software/Hardware access (Computer, MS Office, Phone, fax, copier, etc)
  • Performance appraisal process (LEADS, etc.)
  • WSU publications: newsletters, newspapers, brochures (Life @ Wayne)

As you review the list, write down some questions you may want to ask your manager/supervisor during your Department Orientation. One of these questions should be how your S/C/D affects our customers (WSU students) and how your job will ensure customer satisfaction.