Human Resources Staff Directory

Wayne State Human Resources is made up of seven specialized departments dedicated to serving the campus community and beyond. Use the following links to jump to a specific department for a complete list of staff: 

Office of the Associate Vice President
Total Rewards
HR Analytics & Reporting
HR Client Services
Labor Relations
Organization & Employee Development

Office of the Associate Vice President

Name Title Phone Email
Carolyn Hafner Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer 313-577-1481
Pearlanne Pollard  Executive Assistant & Contract Administrator, HR 313-577-6023

Total Rewards

Name Title Phone Email
Brett Green Senior Director, Total Rewards 313-577-6799
Merilyn Merkison Associate Director, Benefits 313-577-6347
Kathy McCoy Benefits Administrator & Compliance Specialist 313-577-5049
Mytheia Thomas Benefits Administrator & Compliance Specialist 313-577-0733
Angela Jackson Benefits & Leave Administrator 313-577-6351
Sophia Dollar Benefits Coordinator 313-577-6353
Travis Van Dyke HR Well-being Coordinator 313-577-6816
Ursula Hart HR Data Integrity Specialist 313-577-6349
Erica Stringer HR Customer Relations Advocate - Senior 313-577-2132
Zach Jirik HR Customer Relations Advocate 313-577-2494
Carla Warner Senior Compensation Professional 313-577-7885
Amber Reagan Compensation Analyst 313-577-6348

HR Analytics & Reporting

Name Title Phone Email
Bill Ging Director, HR Analytics & Reporting 313-577-2106
Mary Earhart Associate Director, HR Analytics & Reporting 313-577-0251
June Jennings HR Data Integrity Manager 313-577-9646
Allan Kjellberg Manager, HR Analytics & Reporting 313-577-2362
Michelle Schnell Business Process Improvement Project Manager 313-577-1292
Lorraine Nuccio HR Data Specialist 313-577-0528
Angelica Reyna HR Coordinator 313-577-6821
Laurie Longtin HR Coordinator
Cynthia Moon HR Administrator
Taslima Miah HR Administrator
Kai English HR Administrator
Chester Fleming HR Administrator
Necole Moore HR Administrator

HR Client Services 

Region A

Name Title Phone Email
Rob Miller Director, HR Client Services, Region A 313-577-4901
Carmen Albert Senior HR Consultant 313-577-4907
Tia Jackson Talent Management Coordinator 313-577-4935
Akilah Parker Talent Management Coordinator 313-577-4960
Cindy Pellow HR Consultant 313-577-8533
VACANT HR Consultant    

Region Admin

Name Title Phone Email
Brian Wittenberg Director, HR Client Services, Region Admin 313-577-6519
Johnetta Williams Talent Management Coordinator 313-577-7708
Christian Hodges Talent Management Coordinator 313-577-5019
Itzel Jodway Talent Acquisition Specialist
Shanell Brazil HR Consultant 313-577-5039
Sherry Pruitt HR Consultant C&IT: 313-577-5010
FP&M: 313-577-0619

Region B

Name Title Phone Email
Vickie Hall  Director, HR Client Services, Region B 313-577-7707
Mildred Fuller HR Consultant 313-577-7711
Cindy Pellow HR Consultant 313-577-8538
Maya Brown HR Consultant 313-577-5403
Toi McWilliams Talent Management Coordinator 313-577-7710
Michelle Walker-Perkins Talent Management Coordinator 313-577-7714
Gary Morden Professional TE

Health Affairs Region

Name Title Phone Email
Julie Crego Director, HR Client Services, Health Affairs Region 313-577-9705
Deborah McCrory HR Consultant 313-577-1415
Bilal Hadwan HR Consultant 313-577-9313
Raquel Burchett Talent Management Coordinator 313-577-9667
Ashley Hysell Talent Management Coordinator 313-577-9679
Julie Carlton Talent Management Coordinator 313-577-9676

Labor Relations

Name Title Phone Email
Lauri Washington Director, Labor Relations 313-577-2081
Duane Yuille Employee & Labor Relations Consultant 313-577-2093

Organization & Employee Development

Name Title Phone Email
Dawn Aziz      Director, Organization & Employee Development 313-577-7968
Sharon Tse          Consultant 313-577-8282
Kevin Mayhew Learning Architect 313-577-4090


Name Title Phone Email
Anita Rodgers Director, Payroll 313-577-6940
Chandra Green Payroll Specialist 313-577-6638
VACANT Payroll Specialist    
LaZavier James Payroll Assistant 313-577-2140
Karla McLaurin Payroll Specialist 313-577-6637
Novella Martin Payroll Tax Compliance Officer 313-577-6942
Clarencetta Washington Payroll Assistant 313-577-2138