Employment Eligibility Form (Form I-9)

Notice to all University Employees

The Immigration Reform and Control Act requires every employer to obtain a Form I-9, employment eligibility certification, from every employee hired or rehired. In addition, employers are required to inspect documents which employees must present to support the Form I-9. Note that the Form I-9 is required of every employee. The federal government requires that employers complete the I-9 process within three (3) business days of the hire date or by the end of the first day if the employment is to last less than three days.

Thus, you cannot be hired, rehired, or paid until you complete the I-9 process. Employees who begin work, in violation of this policy, prior to employment eligibility clearance will not be paid for such service until completion of the I-9 and are not eligible for a salary advance until the I-9 is completed.

Section 1 Completion

The employee website allows employees to complete Section 1 of their I-9 on or before the first day of work. Employees access the site and complete Section 1. The I-9 is stored in a pending state until the employer completes Section 2. Pending I-9s not completed within an employer-defined timeframe are deleted.

Employee Quick Reference

Using I-9 eXpress

As a new employee, Section 1 of the I-9 needs to be completed using new.I9.com. The I-9 Administrator will complete Section 2 or 3 using i9express.com.

In the event a DHS or SSA Non-confirmation is received from i9eXpress.com, an E-verify Referral Form should be given to the employee with directions to bring it to the appropriate HR office during normal business hours. If the employee prefers to schedule an appointment, please contact your HR Consultant.

What You Need to Know

Please see this list of acceptable documents required to complete Form I-9. You can visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website for additional information.

  • The name on your documents must be the same as on the Form I-9 (either present or birth name). If the names are not the same, you must present evidence of the change, such as a marriage license or court order.
  • A birth certificate must be issued by a State, county, or municipal authority and bear a seal or other certification. A certified copy of a birth certificate is an acceptable document.
  • A Social Security card must be original. It does not have to be the first card you were issued, but it must be issued by the Social Security Administration. It cannot be a plastic or metal replica. It cannot have "not valid for employment purposes" printed on it.
  • If your Social Security card has been lost or destroyed, it is easy to obtain another card and usually takes about ten days from the date you apply for it. Contact the Social Security Office that is the most convenient for you.
  • All presented documents must be originals. Photocopies are not acceptable.

Remote Hire Process (U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents)

On occasion, an employee will work at a remote or off-site location and, therefore, is not able to present original documents to a WSU representative for inspection. In such instances, Human Resources will authorize an individual to act as an agent of the university for the purpose of completing the Form I-9.

Please refer to the documents below for additional information:

Remote Hire Process

Employee Instructions

Authorized Agent Form

I-9 Form

Non-Resident Aliens

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Handling E-Verify Issues

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