Care Toolkit

Below you will find a few ideas to recognize or spend creative time with your team, colleagues, clients and fellow Warriors. Be sure to check back often as we update and add great ideas to the list.

  • Award a Care Certificate - Tell someone you've noticed their actions by awarding them a Care Certificate. A simple thank you goes a long way. We've even created a certificate template for you to use.
  • Lunch with the boss Set up a time to take your staff member out to lunch. Can't go in person due to COVID-19 restrictions? No problem, you can set up a virtual lunch and just spend time together. If you want to surprise them you can order their favorite food and have it delivered. Try to not spend time talking about work. Use this opportunity to learn about each other and have a nice lunch.
  • Acts of service auction Give your team fake money to bid on acts of service provided by you. You could offer to cover a weekly report, bring in donuts, cover a dreaded meeting, etc. Pick things that are meaningful to your staff.
  • Host a spirit week Host a spirit week for your team. Plan ahead and have them participate virtually or in person each day. Spirit day ideas include: Warrior day, crazy hat day, favorite sports team day, luau day, winter weather wear day, Disney day, picture of your pet day, retro day, share your favorite book day and pajama day.
  • Service project Organize a service project for your department. You can even do a virtual service project together like making dog toys for your local shelter with old t-shirts. There are many organizations that are still in need of volunteers (even during COVID) and provide a safe environment to give back to our community.
  • Certificate of achievement Print a certificate of achievement and present it to the person you want to recognize. These can be for a serious achievement or for something fun. Show it on camera during a team meeting (check with the employee to ensure they are comfortable with public recognition).