EPAF Transaction Management

EPAF Data Summary Worksheet

EPAF Data Summary Worksheet

EPAF Instruction Sheet

Overview:  The EPAF Data Summary Worksheet is a required form used to:

  • Gain appropriate details to accurately process employee transactions (i.e., EPAF)
  • Gather approvals from the S/C/D prior to originating/approving an EPAF
  • Serve as an audit trail for completed transactions

The worksheet can be completed electronically and allows the user to route (the worksheet) as need be, to gain multiple signatures of approval.  The EPAF Data Summary Worksheet is required when requesting any type of HR transaction (i.e., new hire, change in assignment, change of status, change of supervisor, additional assignment, change in labor, one-time pay, termination, etc.)

EPAF Resources

One of the many services our team provides is in the support of managers in the interpretation and application of HR transactions, also known as EPAF (Electronic Personnel Action Forms). Please see the below resources concerning this process.

EPAF Deadline Calendar 2019

EPAF Deadline Calendar 2018

EPAF Deadline Calendar 2017

EPAF Deadline Calendar 2016

EPAF Deadline Calendar 2015

EPAF Deadline Calendar 2014

Payroll Calendars

EPAF Help System Homepage

EPAF Training

EPAF training is currently available online via Blackboard. You must register through TSW (Training, Seminars and Workshops) to enroll in the online certification program. Registration may take up to 24 hours before the lesson appears on your Blackboard.

EPAF Job Aids and System Tools

Because of the complexity of the EPAF Approval Categories, the EPAF Approval Categories selection tool is designed to assist you in determining which of these Approval Categories to select for your personnel transaction. You can find this tool and many other system job aids by joining the Job Aids & Support Tools for WSU Applications and Processes Organization located in Blackboard. Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Log on to Blackboard at www.blackboard.wayne.edu

Step 2: Click the Job Aids & Support Tools for WSU Applications and Processes organization (upper right side of the screen). Note: You must be a registered participant. Contact OED for more information

Step 3: Click the Banner Self-Service via Pipeline link (in menu on left)

Step 4: Click on the red button to open the interactive EPAF Approval Categories selection tool.