Employee Development Resource Guide

For Performance Year 2013, you will not be creating Employee Development Plans.  However, you can still utilize this information for your own development ideas on the specific competencies you will be assessed.


The purpose of the Employee Development Resource Guide is to provide an aid to employees and supervisors while planning for development. 

General Development Ideas

On the job…

  • Training with a senior member of your team, a member of management, or a person from another department
  •  A departmental training session
  • Staff meetings
  • Special assignments
  • Reading selected periodicals/trade publications/books
  • Meeting with selected in-house professionals


  • Correspondence courses
  • Professional/technical associations
  • Personal improvement courses
  • University courses/adult education

Employee Development Resource Guide Structure

The Employee Development Resource Guide is organized as follows:

Developmental Suggestions

Suggestions for job experiences, work assignments, and activities that offer opportunities to develop a particular competency and to receive feedback on competency behaviors and skills. Activities may require some planning and cooperation from others in the workplace.

Developmental suggestions listed in this Resource Guide are suggestions only. You are encouraged to think of your own ideas/suggestions and approaches to establishing the development plans. 

WSU Training Programs

Employees are encouraged to utilize:

Logon to AccelerateTM

  1. Login to Acadmica
  2. Under WSU RESOURCES, select Employee Resources, then Other Resources
  3. Click the Accelerate - Employee Development Tools menu item
  4. Click the Catalog button
  5. Locate your LEADS competency resources

Logon to Training Seminars Workshops (TSW)

  1. Login to Acadmica
  2. Under WSU RESOURCES, select Employee Resources, then Other Resources
  3. Click the Training, Seminars, Workshops menu item
A LEADS learning package is located in AccelerateTM   Searching for resources for the LEADS competencies is easy. Just click on the Catalog button in Accelerate and browse through the LEADS folder to find many learning resources.  Employees are also encouraged to utilize Training Seminars Workshops (TSW).


Check out the resources in books24x7 --  an exciting feature in Accelerate.  

 Click here for other WSU training resources.


Please feel free to call the Organization & Employee Development (313-577-2111) if you have questions or concerns regarding the WSU training offerings.  You may also want to check out some local external training vendors that offer programs for a fee.  

Core Competencies

Competency Definition

The knowledge, skills, and abilities that influence one's job. Competencies can be measured and can also be improved via training and development.

We believe that there are behaviors that all WSU employees should practice. These are considered core competencies and included in the competency assessment portion of the form. Click the competency to access the development suggestions, readings, etc.


Core Competencies

Analytical & Problem Solving Skills

Time Management



Creativity & Innovation

For Supervisors/Managers

Customer Focus

Dealing with Change

Accountability/Managerial Courage

Initiative Taking

Business Acumen

Job/Functional Skills

Developing Direct Reports

Personal Credibility

Strategic Agility


Timely Decision Making


Local External Training Resources

As we may not have training offerings for every competency, we are providing a list below of other common training resources that for a fee offer programs locally. 

Training Resource
Type of programs offered
Phone #
General Range of Cost
American Society of Employers
(WSU is a member)
HR Generalist
Supervisor Certification
Administrative Assistant Certification
Variety of professional development offerings
$109.00 - $309.00
New Horizons
Technical Training
$1,000.00 - $3,000.00
Application Training
$250.00 – $500.00
Business Skills