Pet Insurance

Take the stress out of unexpected vet bills. Pet insurance (for dogs and cats) through PetPartners reimburses you for the cost of accidents and illnesses throughout your pet’s life. Worry less and play more!

How to Enroll

New hires have the opportunity to enroll within 45 days of their hire date, with coverage going into effect on the first of the month following their hire date (or on the first of the month if hired on the first). Otherwise, employees may enroll in coverage during Open Enrollment (coverage goes into effect January 1) or if they have acquired a new cat or dog.  

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How it works

Two coverage options are available: accident/illness or accident/illness & wellness. Learn more about coverage here

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  2. Visit any licensed vet or clinic
  3. Pay your vet
  4. Submit a claim and get reimbursed for eligible expenses Member portal log in

Cost per pay

  12-Month Employees 9-Month Employees
  Accident/Illness Accident/Illness & Wellness Accident/Illness Accident/Illness & Wellness
Per Dog $23.54 $33.51 $31.39 $44.68
Per Cat $11.99 $19.74 $15.98 $26.32

What it covers

  • Up to 4 dogs and 4 cats per employee
  • Common illnesses
  • Broken bones
  • Diagnostics
  • Rehabilitation & physical therapy
  • Prescription medications
  • Vaccines
  • Surgery
  • Toxin ingestion
  • Digestion issues
  • Cancer and more 

Summary of Coverage


  • Treatment not medically necessary or considered experimental or performed prior to effective date or during a Benefit Waiting Period
  • Pre-Existing conditions including, but not limited to a bilateral condition, presenting on one side of body (i.e., a cruciate tear in left leg that showed symptoms prior to coverage period or during a Benefit Waiting Period, a subsequent cruciate tear in right leg will be considered pre-existing)
  • IVDD (lntervertebral Disc Disease) if diagnosed, treated, or showing symptoms prior to coverage period or during a Benefit Waiting Period and any further episodes of IVDD or any future occurrence of this condition
  • Services not performed by or under direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian
  • Conditions related to racing, security, law enforcement, working dogs and organized fighting, including intentional acts, neglect, or deliberate endangerment
  • More than one injury per coverage period arising from a repetitive and specific activity or similar activity that has previously occurred (i.e., foreign body ingestion, dog fights and toxin ingestion)
  • Missed appointment fees, training, and cost of treatment for failure to follow veterinarian's recommendations
  • Natural supplements and vitamins
  • Obesity unrelated to an underlying medical condition
  • Transportation costs, including but not limited to non-emergency ground or air pet ambulance, and emergency air pet ambulance
  • Treatment of breeding, pregnancy, whelping or queening, including complications
  • Routine dental 


The information listed above is intended as a convenient summary of pet insurance benefits, effective 4/1/2024. It does not cover all provisions, limitations and exclusions. Administration of the plan’s benefits are administered by PetPartners, and underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company. Eligibility restrictions apply and terms and conditions may apply. See individual policy/certificate for details on coverage, terms and limitations. Pre-existing condition coverage may require a 365-day waiting period. This is a voluntary employee paid plan.

Please contact PetPartners with questions about coverage at 800-956-2495