Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accelerate Employee Development Tools?

Wayne State University has partnered with Skillsoft to present state-of-the-art employee development tools. Accelerate offers employees access to thousands of online employee development resources in information technology, desktop, and workplace skills! Accelerate also offers many ways to learn including books, simulations, assessments, job aids, test preps, and much more! This is a free resource for WSU employees and is accessible anytime and anywhere. 

How do I access Accelerate?

  1. Log on to Academica with your Access ID and password
  2. Click on "Employee Resources" located in the "WSU Resources" box
  3. Click on "Other Resources" to find the link to "Accelerate - Employee Development Tools"

Do I need to let my manager/supervisor know if I am attending a training session?

If you are attending a training session, whether it is online or in a classroom, you must always notify your manager/supervisor if it is during working hours.

Are employees allowed to access Accelerate during working hours?

Each S/C/D is unique and has different training needs. Each situation could be different and require additional assistance.  However, the following guidelines have been established to address most concerns related to training during work hours and are in compliance with FSLA and WSU Policies.

  • All employees must inform their manager/supervisor before taking any job-related training (leader-led or online).  Managers should establish and communicate to employees when and how often training should take place within their individual units. 
  • If a non-exempt employee (hourly wage) is taking training that is required by their manager or the University then, under FLSA, it is compensable time. All overtime due to training must be approved in advance by their managers. 
  • If an exempt employee (salary – 9 and 12 month) is taking training that is required by their manager or the University, it can be completed at anytime without receiving additional compensation.
  • For any employee that is taking training for personal development (training not directly related to their current job) and it is not required by their manager or University, it can be completed outside the employee's work hours (on the employee's own time) and is not compensable time.

I am a Manager/Supervisor. How can I assign Accelerate learning resources to my direct reports?

There are various options available for training your unit. Managers and Supervisors should contact the Office of Organization & Employee Development for details on how to assign specific learning resources to their employees and track their progress. You can contact OED at (313) 577-2111 or email us at

How do I find learning resources in the new Accelerate?

Just like in the previous version, you can still use the search box (now located in the upper right corner). Enter a few keywords and click the search button (or press Enter). Just like before, Accelerate will display a list of resources that match your criteria. You can also go to The Catalogs to see a list of resources by topic. The Catalog link is now located at the top center of the screen.

How do I find the resources I saved in the My Plan tab in the previous version?

Any resources that you saved under the My Plan tab in the previous version are now located under the My Learning Plan link at the top center of the screen.

How do I view a learning item? (watch a video, open a book, etc.)

To view a description of the item, hover over the item or click the Details link below it. If you want to open (play) an item click the Launch link below the item.

How do I save a learning item to view it at a later date?

Under each listed item, there is a Save link (see image on right) that will save the item to your Learning Plan for viewing later. Click the Learning Plan link at the top center of your screen to view the item when you're ready.

What is the Accelerate Community?

Similar to other popular social networks, this is a new feature within Accelerate that allows you to recommend learning items, comment and follow other learners. To join, click the Join Now link under your profile settings or click the Recommend link under any of the learning items. You will be prompted to specify your community preferences such as whether or not you want to share your email, skills or expertise.

Do I have to join the Community?

No. Participation is optional. However, you must join the community to comment on or recommend a learning item or follow others.

Can others see my information?

You can add information about yourself such as your skills, education and interests, and control what information (if any) others see by setting your community preferences on the My Profile page.

Where can I print a list of courses I've completed in Accelerate?

Your Learning Transcript (previously known as My Progress) is now located under the Quick Links menu. You can find it in the upper left corner of the screen.

How do I access Books24x7?

Books24x7 is now integrated into the system so there is no longer a separate link to go to access this great feature. All your books are searchable using the same screen.

Where do I go for computer training?

There are plenty of opportunities for computer training. You can start with Accelerate Employee Development Tools or go to the Training & Development page for additional training opportunities offered by various departments around campus.

Where can I find the WSU application training (EPAF, I-9-eXpress, FMLA, etc)?

The WSU systems training is currently being transferred from Blackboard over to Accelerate. At this time, EPAF, Cognos, AppXtender and OHS courses still reside in Blackboard. All other WSU systems training can be found in Accelerate under the Catalog tab in the WSU Systems Training folder.

How do I sign up for an online WSU application course?

If you need to take EPAF, Cognos, AppXtender or OHS please email your request with your name and Access ID to to register.  All other WSU systems training can be found in Accelerate under the Catalog tab in the WSU Systems Training folder  (no registration required).

What is the Non-Credit Tuition Assistance program?

Non-Credit Tuition Assistance is a benefit that counts towards your tuition assistance limits but it is to audit a credit course as a visitor status, i.e., you take the class for the information not for credit so you do not take tests.  The course must be job-related for it to be approved. If you wish to audit a course, have a visitor status and wish to attend a non-credit course at WSU, use the Non-Credit Tuition Assistance Form to apply for tuition assistance.