Flexible Work Arrangements

Wayne State University recognizes the importance of work/life balance.  The intention of flexible working is to accommodate job responsibilities, education needs or personal needs, while maintaining operational effectiveness.

To that end, eligible non-represented (academic and non-academic) personnel may request a flexible work arrangement, which WSU defines as pre-approved agreements between a supervisor and employee that allow the employee to complete his/her employment duties while working non-traditional schedules.  Represented employees must comply with rules outlined in their respective CBAs. 

The flexible work arrangement approved for use at WSU is flextime.  WSU's Flextime Policy is outlined in the Non-Rep Manual (http://policies.wayne.edu/non-rep/2_8_flexible_work_arrangement.php).  Procedures supporting this policy are outlined in the APPM (http://policies.wayne.edu/appm/3_4_7_flexible_work_arrangement.php). 

Non-represented employees may elect to work a flextime schedule that falls outside of the university's standard business hours identified as 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, in accordance with core hours established by the School, College or Division.
Successful flextime work schedules are achieved through mutual trust, compromise, negotiation and above all, flexibility between the employee and employer.  Both parties are responsible for ensuring that the arrangement is suitable and is working.

Eligible employees may request a flexible work schedule by completing the Flexible Work Arrangement Form (Use Internet Explorer if this document does not open in another browser) and gaining approval from his/her immediate supervisor, department director/chair and the S/C/D executive or his/her authorized delegate.  Flextime work schedules are not suitable for every business unit.  Approval of flextime schedules will be based on the needs of the business as the primary decision factor, along with considering whether the employee, job and supervisor characteristics are best suited for such an arrangement.

Employees and supervisors are encouraged to review the Frequently Asked Questions webpage, which offers answers to common questions related to the Flextime Program.