Employee Recognition Resources

This page provides tools to recognize fellow Warriors. It also contains information and learning resources to build awareness, knowledge and skills in areas that enable our culture of recognition.

Celebrate Our Values: 

Culture of Celebration Continuum: 

We build our culture of recognition, celebration and appreciation in many ways. The "Continuum" depicts opportunities to show appreciation for others along a range of best practices. Some of the most valued forms of recognition have no financial cost, but are the most meaningful to us. Which elements do you use? Are there some that you could add to what you already do? Download a copy of the Culture of Celebration Continuum

Best Practice Elements: 

Our reward and recognition strategy purposefully incorporates three elements to build a culture of excellence: encouraging effort, celebrating careers, and rewarding results. Together, these best practice components give us several opportunities to appreciate fellow warriors in meaningful ways to create high levels of job satisfaction and engagement. Download a copy of the Best Practices Elements

Venn Diagram of Recogntion Elements