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Cornerstone Learning, Wayne State’s new employee learning management system (LMS), enables campus colleague access to over 40,000 enhanced eLearning resources to achieve their professional and career development goals.

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Cornerstone Learning Pilot Learn about the April 29, 2024 pilot launch for Academic Administrators, Executives, Managers, Researchers, Non- Academic/Non-Represented Staff, and Staff Association members

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3 Ways Cornerstone Learning Helps WSU Researchers & Staff

What is an LMS?

Cornerstone Learning will enable us to ultimately have one location to assign, store, access, and track all employee learning – resulting in holistic transcripts and reporting that employees could celebrate.

Currently WSU has 3 employee LMSs. Cornerstone Learning replaces Accelerate, WSU’s prior eLearning library, and has the ability to replace Canvas for employee learning. And, when a campus-wide rollout is possible, this system will also replace Academica’s Training Seminars Workshops (TSW) for instructor-led workshops – making it a one-stop shop for employees and resulting in one complete record of all learning activities completed.

  1. Access Better Learning Resources! The largest benefit of this new system is the ability to access robust learning resources, including role-based learning journeys, assessments and personalized learning recommendations, over 70 AI simulations, live instructor-led sessions, Boot Camps, and certification prep resources with many offering the ability to ask questions in a live chat with a mentor who holds that credential.
  2. Add Informal Learning to Your Transcript. Many times, the learning we experience occurs outside of taking classes, reading books, or watching videos. Cornerstone Learning will allow you to add them to your transcript for one holistic record of all of your development activities. So, be sure to coach/mentor your peers, cross-train, take on a challenging assignment, speak at a conference, or write an article, for instance, and add it to your list for celebration!
  3. Learn From Each Other. WSU colleagues can “rate” their learning (and filter search results based upon others’ ratings), join a learning community, and over time, see recommendations from credible experts by viewing their “playlists”. All of this will help to create a knowledge sharing environment enabling us to more deeply collaboratively learn – together.

3 Ways Cornerstone Learning Helps WSU Leaders

  1. Assign Learning to Direct & Indirect Reports*. This is especially helpful for new hires and for existing team members that you’d like to recommend learning to as support for their performance goals or development plans.
  2. Review & Celebrate Progress. During one-on-ones, for instance, both you and the team member could view learning progress made and recognize the impact of that learning on the individual’s goal attainment. Badges & certificates are available for select learning items. WSU leaders could also award value badges in Cornerstone for learners who achieve great impact applying their learning!
  3. Report on Department Learning Outcomes. Reporting and dashboards are available to track learning hours as well as learning completions. These can be valuable tools to support a leader’s goals for creating a culture of ongoing development and connecting it to the team’s overall achievements. 

*Note: During the pilot launch, these features are available for team members who are currently in the system, including Academic Administrators, Executives, Managers, Researchers, Non-Academic/Non- Represented Staff, and Staff Association members.

Best Practice Spotlight

Daisy Wright

“The "learner" in me is in heaven!”
(In response to the incredible array of learning resources now available to us in Cornerstone Learning)

Daisy Wright, MBA
Sr. Director, BAO
Office of VP for Research