Jury Duty Process

Process for reporting Jury Duty

  1. Report to your unit the dates that you will be serving, once you receive your summons.
  2. Once you have served, you have two options:
    1. You can record your time on your timesheet as Jury Duty and submit your Jury Duty paperwork to Human Resources.
    2. You can record your time on your timesheet as Personal and keep your Jury Duty check.

If you choose to report your time as Jury Duty:

  • Complete the Jurist Fee Affidavit Form
  • Cash or Deposit the check into your personal bank account (please remember to make a photocopy of the check).
  • Submit a copy of the check, your photo ID, and the affidavit form to Human Resources, Suite 3638 AAB.
  • The Jury Duty amount will be deducted from your paycheck in the next available pay period.
    • If you wish to keep the mileage portion of the check, you must provide a copy of the check stub or a court document stating mileage given.