Personnel File Request

How to request a copy of your Personnel File

Current employees can request their personnel file via Academica. Please see instructions on requesting your personnel file.

Past and retired employees are able to request copies of their personnel file by contacting the HR Employee Resource Center at (313) 577-3000.

What is a "Personnel Record"?

A "personnel record" as defined by the Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act is a record kept by the University that identifies the employee, to the extent that the record is used or has been used, or may affect or be used relative to that employee's qualifications for employment, promotion, transfer, additional compensation or disciplinary action.

What is maintained in a Personnel File?

Only job-related information will be contained in the personnel record. Contents of each personnel file should include basic identifying information (e.g., name, address and job title), employment applications or other hiring-related documents, position descriptions, compensation records, information on benefit enrollment, attendance records, performance evaluations and information about other employment-related actions (e.g., promotions, training or disciplinary action) and other job-related information. Information placed in the file should be shared with the employee.

What is not included in a Personnel File?

Educational records any records, other than directory information, directly related to a student, including employment records for student employees.

Medical records any documents pertaining to the medical history, diagnosis, prognosis or medical condition of a patient that is generated and maintained in the process of medical treatment.

Investigatory records applies primarily to the records of the police department, but also includes some records of administrative investigation.

Intellectual property records most research-related information, other than financial or administrative data, that has not previously been publicly released, published or patented.