Performance Management

Cornerstone conversations logoWelcome to Cornerstone Conversations, Wayne State's new approach to performance management. Cornerstone Conversations is a transformative approach to helping our Warriors excel in their work and advance in their careers. The result of many months of feedback and collaboration from across campus, Cornerstone Conversations provides you with  tools to set and achieve meaningful goals, strengthen performance and career/professional development, align with WSU values, and build connections through great conversations.

Keep reading to learn more about Cornerstone Conversations and how it will benefit you and our campus. Or click on one of the buttons below to explore learning resources for Cornerstone Conversations, log into the Cornerstone system, or finish sharing your 2021 accomplishments via the legacy PDF process.

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We heard you

Campus needs

  • More feedback
  • Professional and career development
  • Streamlined process
  • Aligned to WSU strategic plan
  • User-friendly goal updates

Every good design process starts by listening to stakeholders and the Performance Management Redesign team took this to heart. With 21 members from across campus, our team gathered input from over 190 staff, managers, executives, administrators, union leadership, researchers, deans, and business affairs officers who shared their needs.

Learn more about this feedback and what's new by attending an Introduction Session or viewing this short video. The session will allow time to get in to the new system and ask questions.

Cornerstone Conversations: Connecting people, process, & technology

Arrows showing step 1 to plan, stop 2 to ensure and step 3 to celebrateCornerstone Conversations connects people, process, and technology to support achievement and growth for our people and our campus. As the name hints, great conversations are the spark that brings these connections to life. The process is organized around four phases, all centered around the discussions that will help you set and meet meaningful goals:

  • Plan: Setting Goals during Annual Performance Planning
  • Nurture: Providing Feedback, Coaching & Support
  • Ensure: Touching Base on Progress at the Midyear Check-In
  • Celebrate: Recognizing Achievements at the Annual Review

These activities are further supported by new, user-friendly technology that makes it easy to document your goals and track progress along the way. There will be much to explore and and learn during Cornerstone Conversation's pilot year, but we will take it one step at a time, together as a community. And rest assured, your HR colleagues will be sharing, listening, and learning alongside you. Our Cornerstone Learning site has a rich and inclusive set of learning resources to get you started.

Cornerstone Conversations: New features at-a-glance


  • Training for all users
  • Options for professional and career growth
  • Aligned with WSU values


  • Streamlined forms and tasks
  • Emphasis on feedback to support success
  • HR is not an approver


  • System open year-round
  • User-friendly interface
  • Progress indicators built in to support tracking

Voices from the Cornerstone Redesign Team

Sha'ron Williams

"I am pretty excited about Cornerstone! In the past, the performance management process could feel like you're 'sitting in the principal's office,' as a passive recipient, not really knowing what to expect.  This is a simpler, more streamlined process. The Mid-Year Check In helps you see if you're on the right track and identify any areas for improvement and support. I also like the professional development piece. As leaders, it shows we are invested in helping employees reach their goals. I think it's a great improvement to the annual review process." 

Sha'Ron Williams 
Manager, Business Operations 
Graduate School