9-Month Employee Summer Premium Collections

Process Updates

What's Changed

Q. Why was the summer premium collection process for 9-month faculty & staff modified?
A. The process is being changed to simplify administration and comply with IRS regulations.

Q. Does this change impact my medical, dental or vision coverage?
A. No, this change does not impact your elected coverages.

Q. Does this change how much a 9-month employee pays for coverage?
A. No, the annual premium amounts did not change. The only change was to the timing the collection of the summer premiums is delayed by 1 semester, and rather than paid in advance, will be paid partially in advance and partially in arrears.

Starting January 2023

Q. When do the 9-month rates with summer premium collections resume?
A. The 9-month rates with summer collections resumed (subject to annual rate increases) in 2023 on pay period 1 - pay date of January 4, 2023.

Q. How will summer premiums be collected going forward?
A. Summer premiums will be collected during the calendar year in which the summer coverage is provided.  For the 2023 summer coverage, the premiums for the 1st part of the summer (May 15 - June 30) will be collected in advance during the Winter 2023 semester and the 2nd part of the summer (July 1 - August 31) will be collected in arrears during the Fall 2023 semester.

Q. If a 9-month employee is not returning for the fall semester, how can benefits be continued for the second part of the summer (coverage for July 1 through August 31)?
A. Deductions for the second part of the summer, for employees who notify us they are not returning, will be collected on a pre-pay basis at the end of the winter semester.

If we are not notified prior to the end of the Winter 2023 semester and a 9-month employee does not return for the Fall 2023 semester, premiums for the second part of the summer will be billed by our third party administrator, Navia Benefit Solutions. If the 9-month employee does not want to pay the premiums for the second part of the summer, they can elect to cancel their coverage as of June 30, 2023.