Medical, Dental and Vision Rates

Your compensation package includes a sizable investment in your medical,dental and vision benefits. The university pays a large share of the cost of your health insurance. You pay the employee portion through automatic bi-weekly deductions from your pay. There are 24 deductions for 12-month employees and 18 deductions for 9-month employees, per year.

Medical, dental and vision deductions are collected on a prepaid basis. Review the payroll schedule to determine the timing of deductions and the period being collected. Changes in coverage (i.e. adding dependents when a Life Status Change Event occurs) may result in deduction adjustment. Review your paycheck and notify us if you have questions regarding your deductions.

If you have a question about rates, please contact or call the HR Service Center at 577-3000.

2023 Rates

2023 Active Employee Rates - Plan 2 

  • AAUP
  • GEOC
  • Non-Represented employees
  • Stipend recipients

2023 Active Employee Rates - Plan 1 

  • Local 24 - UniteHere
  • 517-M - SEIU
  • Operating Engineers
  • P&A
  • Public Safety
  • Staff Association

2023 Public Act 54 Rates - Plan 1

2023 COBRA & Unpaid Leave of Absence Rates - Plan 1

2023 COBRA & Unpaid Leave of Absence Rates - Plan 2

2023 Retiree, Surviving Spouses and Long-term Disability Recipients Rates