Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance

Medical, dental and vision benefits require that you enroll within 45 days of your date of hire. If you fail to enroll in medical, dental or vision insurance within the 45-day deadline, you will be defaulted to no coverage. You will not be entitled to the Cash in Lieu of Medical benefit or (if you are in an eligible employee group) vision coverage. You will be unable to enroll in a medical, dental or vision plan until the next Open Enrollment period with coverage effective January 1st of the following year. The Benefits Handbook provides helpful information. 

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  • Medical Insurance

    The university offers a number of medical coverage options:

    • Health Alliance Plan, Blue Care Network, and Priority Health are the three health maintenance organizations (HMOs)
    • Community Blue is a preferred provider organization (PPO)
    • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan is a traditional "fee-for-service" plan

    Learn more about each plan

    Comparison Chart of What's Covered

    If you are covered by another medical insurance plan, you may choose to receive Cash in Lieu of Medical

    Plan Design

    Effective January 1, 2022, Wayne State University has two medical plan designs: Plan 1 and Plan 2. The plan you are in is based on your employee group/classification as follows:

    Plan 1 - All employee groups, excluding AAUP, GEOC, Stipends and Non-Represented employees.

    Plan 2 - AAUP, GEOC, Stipends and Non-Represented employees.

    The key differences between the plans are summarized below:

    Benefit Plan 1 Plan 2
    Specialist Office Visit Copay $20 $30
    Urgent Care Copay $20 $30
    Rx Generic Copay $5 $10
    Rx Preferred Brand $20 $25
    Rx Non-Preferred Brand $45 $55
    Deductible (new)
    Copays apply before deductible
    $0 $100/$200
    Single / Family
  • Dental Insurance

    All eligible employees are covered by a comprehensive dental insurance plan with the Delta Dental Plan of Michigan. Medical, dental and vision enrollment levels must be the same for each plan (single, two-person or family).

    Delta Dental PPO

    Voluntary Dental Plan

    If you have not elected WSU medical insurance, you may enroll in the Voluntary Dental Plan at the time of hire, during Open Enrollment, or upon a qualified Life Status Change Event.

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    Other Helpful Tools from Delta Dental:

    Passport Dental

    With Passport Dental, Delta Dental enrollees can receive expert dental care when they are outside of the United States through the AXA Assistance worldwide network of dentists and dental clinics.

  • Vision Insurance

    All eligible employees are covered by a comprehensive vision insurance plan with EyeMed. Vision insurance is bundled (comes with) with medical insurance and enrollment levels must match (single, two-person, or family). For employees without WSU medical insurance coverage, vision is only available as a voluntary election (see below).

    Basic Vision Plan

    The Basic Plan through EyeMed will automatically be provided to all eligible employees who are enrolled in a WSU medical plan. Note: If you are not interested in a higher level of vision coverage, no action is required. You will remain in the basic vision plan.

    Group #: 9730953

    Enhanced Buy-Up Vision Plan

    Employees have the option as a new employee or during Open Enrollment to upgrade to the Enhanced Buy-up Plan. This plan offers higher eyewear allowances and several lens options covered with no copay as part of the benefit.  If you elect the Enhanced Buy-up Plan you must remain in that plan for the full calendar year.

    Group #: 9730953

    Comparing Basic vs. Enhanced Buy-Up Vision Plans

    Voluntary Vision Plan

    If you have not elected WSU medical insurance, you may enroll in the Voluntary Vision Plan (Basic or Enhanced Buy-Up) at the time of hire, during Open Enrollment, or upon a qualified Life Status Change Event.

    Voluntary Basic Group #: 9730946

    Voluntary Enhanced Group #: 9862145

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  • Eligibility

    You are eligible for medical, dental and vision benefits if you are classified in a benefits-eligible position (verify your classification with your HR Consultant) and your appointment percentage is 50% or greater. If your appointment percentage decreases below 50%, you will no longer be eligible to be enrolled in benefits as an active employee (however, COBRA may be an option for continuation of coverage).

    Student Assistants, Technicians, college work study, temporary employees and employees represented by the Building Trades are not benefits-eligible. However, part-time faculty who meet the eligibility requirements defined by their Collective Bargaining Agreement may be eligible to enroll in voluntary dental and/or vision plan(s), being 100% employee paid. Read more about Part-Time Faculty benefits. 

  • Coverage

    Coverage Start

    Coverage for new hires begins on the first of the month following your date of hire (or on the first of the month if you're hired on the first), assuming enrollment is completed within 45 days of your hire date. During a Life Status Change Event, coverage begins on the date of the event. For changes made during our annual Open Enrollment period (the annual opportunity to change coverage which takes place in October/November), new coverage begins January 1 of the following year.

    Who Can be Covered

    You have 45 days from your hire date to enroll eligible dependents. Read more about who can be covered with you and what documents you must provide.

    Making Changes

    Generally, there are two times when you may be able to change your benefits at the university:

    Life Status Change

    If you are an employee with more than 45 days of service, you may begin, change or cancel your medical, dental or vision coverage during a Life Status Change Event as defined by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code and allowed by our plan. The birth of a child, adoption, marriage, divorce, and deaths are some examples of Life Status Change Events. You have only 30 days from the date of the Life Status Change Event to make changes.

    Open Enrollment

    Generally, medical, dental or vision plan changes are not allowed until the next Open Enrollment (October/November) period without a qualifying Life Status Change Event. Changes to your coverage during Open Enrollment must be completed by the specified deadlines. Read more information about Open Enrollment.

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    Coverage Ending

    The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) allows you to continue group medical, dental and vision benefits when you or your dependents become ineligible for university benefits. Learn more about COBRA.

    The following coverage ending guidelines apply when:

    Employment Ending

    Due to Termination or Resignation

    If your employment terminates on or before the 14th day of the month, your insurance coverage ends on the 14th day of the month. If your employment terminates on or after the 15th day of the month, your insurance coverage ends on the last day of the month. If you are age 65 or older, your insurance coverage ends on the last day of the month. 

    Due to Retirement

    Subsidized employee coverage ends during or at the end of the month in which you retire, depending on your age and employee status. Please read the Retiring website to learn more about retirement and coverage ending.

    Dependent Turning Age 26

    If your dependent is turning 26, coverage automatically ends at the end of the month in which they turn 26.

    Divorce or Loss of Dependent Eligibility

    In the event of a divorce or loss of dependent eligibility, coverage ends for your ex-spouse or dependent at the end of the month in which the divorce is granted or eligibility is lost. Read more about dependent eligibility. 


    Of a Dependent

    In the event of the death of dependent, coverage for the deceased dependent would end on the date of death.

    Of an Active Employee

    In the event of the death of an employee, coverage for dependents ends at the end of the month in which the employee death occurred.

  • Cost

    Your compensation package includes a sizable investment in your medical,dental and vision benefits. The university pays a large share of the cost of your health insurance. You pay the employee portion through automatic bi-weekly deductions from your pay. There are 24 deductions for 12-month employees and 18 deductions for 9-month employees, per year.


    Click here for Medical, Dental & Vision Rates. Medical, dental and vision deductions are collected on a prepaid basis. Changes in coverage (i.e. adding dependents when a Life Status Change Event occurs) may result in deduction adjustment. Review your paycheck and notify us if you have questions regarding your deductions.

    12-month employees

    Review the payroll schedule to determine the timing of deductions and the period being collected. 

    9-month Employees

    Click here to learn how summer coverage premiums are collected.


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    • Your spouse or dependents change (marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, death)
    • You change union affiliation or become non-represented due to a job change
    • You participate in the university's Cash In-Lieu of Medical option and you lose your other medical coverage

    For customer service, call Businessolver's Wayne State Benefits Center: 888-907-1433

    Contact the WSU HR Service Center within 30 days if...

    • You are placed on an unpaid Family and Medical Leave, Workers' Compensation Leave or Leave of Absence
    • You, your spouse or a dependent becomes eligible for Medicare

    When contacting the HR Service Center please have your nine-digit Banner ID (found on your WSU OneCard) available for telephone conversations and include it in all correspondence.

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