Long-Term Disability Insurance


Wayne State University provides long-term disability (LTD) insurance coverage to eligible employees at no cost.  Long-term disability insurance through New York Life Group Benefit Solutions (formerly CIGNA) provides a monthly income benefit equal to 66-2/3% of your base salary up to a maximum benefit of:

  • $7,000 /monthly for Non-academic represented employees
  • $10,000/monthly for AAUP members and non-represented employees

Typically, LTD benefits would begin the later of 180 days of being disabled from your occupation or the exhaustion of your illness bank.  LTD benefits are offset by other benefits associated with your disability including, but not limited to, Social Security Benefits and Worker's Compensation.

Employment Status

Once approved for LTD your employment with WSU will end. You would be considered a LTD recipient and no longer an employee of the university. Your department has the right to post and fill your position, based upon the needs of the department.

If you hold tenure or employment security status (ESS) such status will terminate concurrently with your employment.

What happens when Long Term Disability Ends

In the event you recover from your illness/injury and you are interested in obtaining employment with Wayne State University, you may apply for any vacancies in which you may be qualified for.  Please note this does not represent a guarantee of re-employment or establish any placement rights.  Prior to re-employment you will be required to undergo a medical evaluation.

If you stop receiving the long-term disability insurance benefit for whatever reason, you may qualify to transition to retiree status if you met the criteria to retire as of your last day worked at WSU.


The waiting period for enrollment in the long-term disability insurance varies based upon your classification.

  • For AAUP members and non-represented employees, eligibility for long-term disability insurance goes into effect on the first of the month of which your status is 50% time or greater service in an eligible e-class.
  • For Non-academic represented employees, eligibility for long-term disability insurance goes into effect on the first of the month following one year of 50% time or greater service in an eligible e-class.

For questions regarding how to apply for long-term disability, contact Total Rewards at (313) 577-3000.  You may also call New York Life Group Benefit Solutions (formerly CIGNA) toll free at 1-800-362-4462 or 1-888-842-4462 and a representative will walk you through the process, or apply online at mycigna.com


Eligible Long-term disability (LTD) recipients may enroll in subsidized retiree medical insurance.  Click here to view medical rates.  These eligible LTD recipients are also eligible to enroll in the retiree dental and retiree vision plans at full retiree rates. In additional recipients are eligible for:

  • If you were participating in the WSU 403(b) retirement savings plan at the start of your disability, the university's long-term disability insurance carrier will continue to contribute up to 15% of your last day of work salary to your retirement account.
  • If you were enrolled in Basic and/or Supplemental Life Insurance as of your last day of work prior to your disability, WSU will continue to pay this benefit. Please note that this does not apply to Dependent Life Insurance. The spouse and/or child(ren) have the option of converting the dependent life insurance policy to a direct pay plan with Sun Life.

Waiver of Waiting Period

A provision in our disability insurance contract allows us to waive the normal waiting period if you were covered under your former employer's group total disability insurance plan within 3 months of your WSU date of hire. Please provide verification (via an email from your former employer or a letter on your former employer's letterhead) that provides the following information:

  • Your name
  • Social Security Number
  • Name of former insurance carrier
  • Termination date of former insurance
  • Affirmation that the plan would have paid benefits for at least 5 years in the event of total disability

A copy of the plan document or brochure from your former employer explaining the plan should be attached to the email or enclosed with the letter. Verification from your former employer must be received by the HR Service Center within 90 days of your Wayne State University hire date for consideration.

Submit verification to:

Via mail: Wayne State University, HR Service Center, 5700 Cass Ave., Suite 3638, Detroit, MI, 48202

Via E-mail: Be sure to use your WSU E-mail and include "#SECURE" in the subject line to ensure your personal information is encrypted. If you're not using WSU E-mail, be sure to encrypt your message. Email to: askhr@wayne.edu.