2019 Open Enrollment is October 22 - November 2, 2018

Open Enrollment is the period each year that you may make changes to your medical plan without a qualified change in your family status (a Section 125 "Life Status Change" event). Health benefits are deducted from your check before taxes are applied (pre-tax dollars) and therefore are subject to Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code as to how and when changes to your plan may be made. Use this once-a-year opportunity to review your health care needs and make any changes necessary!

If you wish to make a change in your medical coverage or enroll in a Flexible Spending Account for 2019, you must do so during Open Enrollment. The online Open Enrollment process (via Academica) will open October 22, 2018 and will close November 2, 2018. You will have access to process medical plan changes and Flexible Spending Account enrollments 24/7 until November 2, 2018. Please note: The online Open Enrollment process via Academica is designed for electing medical plan to medical plan changes with NO CHANGES IN COVERED DEPENDENTS. If you need to add or delete family members from your medical plan, you must use a paper form (provided below). 

If you do not have any changes to make to your 2019 health benefits
and you do not want to enroll in a 2019 Flexible Spending Account, no action is required

Changes to your health benefits will be effective January 1, 2019. New medical rate deductions will start on your last paycheck of 2018. Flexible Spending Account deductions will start on the paycheck of January 9, 2019. 


Visit our Benefits Directory to contact the benefit carriers you're considering.

The investment that you and the university have made toward your healthcare is significant. Take a moment to review your health care benefits contained in the 2019 benefits handbook.

pic of handbook cover

For questions, contact the HR Service Center at 313-577-3000.  

Open Enrollment Materials

Medical, Dental and Vision

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Helpful Materials:

This packet should have arrived in your mailbox!

2019 Active Employee Benefits Handbook 

2019 Online Open Enrollment Instructions - Medical

Dependent's Supporting Documentation Requirements to enroll dependent's during Open Enrollment. Please note: supporting documentation is not required if terminating a dependent (during Open Enrollment only).


2019 Employee Benefit Enrollment/Change Form

2019 Benefit Plan Termination Form 

If you don't have medical coverage through the University but want to enroll in vision or dental coverage, please use these forms:

2019 Voluntary Vision Plan Enrollment Form

2019 Voluntary Dental Plan Enrollment Form


  1. Active Employee ($5/$20/$45 Rx Copays) & COBRA Rates
    • AAUP-AFT
    • Janitors
    • Professional and Administrative (P&A)
    • Graduate Assistants
    • Medical Residents
    • Non-Represented Employees
    • Operating Engineers
    • Police Officers Labor Council
    • Research Assistants
    • SEIU Custodial/Grounds Supervisors (7M)
    • Stipend Recipients
    • Staff Association
  2. Retiree, Surviving Spouses and Long-term Disability Recipients Rates COMING SOON

To review historical medical rates use the following link:

2019 Online Open Enrollment Instructions - FSA

2019 Flexible Spending Account Application

2019 Flexible Spending Account Handbook

Wellness Warriors Logo

2019 Wellness Warrior enrollment is November 7, 2018 - January 18, 2019

To become a 2019 Wellness Warrior, you'll complete the following:

1) Complete an onsite health screening or submit the Physician Qualification Form (PQF). To bypass the onsite health screening, you may submit the PQF with results from a recent annual physical at your doctor's office (results must be from after July 1, 2018).

2) Complete the online Health Risk Assessment (HRA). After your onsite health screening or annual physical, you'll use your results to complete the HRA.

It's that easy! Click here to enroll: wellness.wayne.edu/enrollment

Questions? Email us: Wellness@wayne.edu