Open Enrollment for Retirees, Survivors and LTD Recipients

Changes to your medical benefits will be effective January 1, 2019. The new rates will appear on your January 2019 invoices.

November 12th - December 1, 2018



Open Enrollment related to calendar year 2019 for medical, dental and vision benefits is November 12 - December 1, 2018. If you wish to make a change in your medical, dental or vision coverage, you must complete the necessary paper forms available below in the 'Helpful Tools' section, or visit us at 5700 Cass Avenue, AAB Suite 3638, Detroit, MI 48202.

If you are not making any changes to your medical, dental or vision plans, no action is required, but you should review the new 2019 rates.

The investment that you have made toward your healthcare is significant. Learn more about the services you have and how they may assist you and your family using the 2019 Retiree/LTD/Surviving Spouse Benefits Handbook.

Read the Open Enrollment Newsletter and FAQ!

Please call the HR Service Center with questions at 313-577-3000.
Call the medical carrier you are considering with specific questions. Click here for contact phone numbers and websites.

Helpful Tools:

2019 Retiree/LTD/Surviving Spouse Benefits Handbook and forms

2019 WSU Retiree Medical Insurance Enrollment Form (Non-Aetna)

2019 WSU Retiree Medical Plan Termination Form

2019 Aetna Medicare Plan (PPO) Group Enrollment Form

2019 HAP Senior Plus HMO Group Enrollment Form

2019 Retiree Dental Plan Enrollment Form

2019 Retiree Vision Plan Enrollment Form

Medical Rates