New Employee Benefit Checklist


On behalf of the department of Total Rewards, we would like to welcome you to Wayne State University. WSU is committed to your overall health and well-being. Our benefits are competitive and structured to provide high-quality health care and financial protection for you and your family. Your total compensation is comprised of both your salary and the array of benefits offered to you as a benefits-eligible employee while at Wayne State University

To ensure that you have successfully completed all the required paperwork to enroll in benefits, we are providing you with a checklist. This checklist is designed to help you make your initial benefit enrollment selections in a timely manner. You have 45 days from your date of hire to enroll in medical, dental, and vision insurance benefits and Flexible Spending Accounts. Please make your benefit elections carefully. You may not change your medical, dental or vision insurance or Flexible Spending Account elections until the next Open Enrollment period unless you experience a qualifying Life Status Change Event. In order to enroll dependents, there are supporting documentation requirements that must be met. 

For the most detailed information regarding benefits, please refer to the Active Employee Benefits Handbook.


  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance and Flexible Spending Accounts: Within 45 days of date of hire, to enroll or make changes follow the enrollment instructions:

Log In to Enroll or Make Changes 

or follow these steps:

  1. Log into Academica
  2. Click 'Employee Resources'
  3. Click 'Employee Self-Service'
  4. Click 'Benefit Plan Enrollment & Changes'

Click here for full instructions

Dependents & Supporting Documentation

For customer service, call Businessolver's Wayne State Benefits Center: 888-907-1433

  • Retirement Savings Plans: I have enrolled in the 403(b) and/or 457(b) Plan. I understand enrollment is not automatic. To enroll or make changes log in here, or:
  1. Log into Academica
  2. Click 'Employee Resources'
  3. Click 'Employee Self-Service'
  4. Click 'Retirement Savings Plan Enrollments and Changes

Please download this quick guide to get started

Predecessor Employer Service Letter: To bypass the required 2 years of service for university contribution vesting, you are able to submit a letter from a previous employer that meets certain requirements (below). Your Predecessor Employer Service Letter must be received by the HR Service Center within 90 days of your WSU hire date for consideration.

Learn more about the 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan.

  • If I had coverage under my former employer's group total disability insurance plan within 3 months of my WSU hire date, I have submitted verification from that former employer to waive the one-year waiting period for eligibility in Wayne State's long-term disability insurance coverage. Verification must be received by the HR service center within 90 days of your WSU hire date for consideration. Learn more about long-term disability.

  • I have logged into the Well-Being Portal and finished setting up my Wellness Warriors account. Enrollment is automatic. Learn more about Wellness Warriors.

In-depth information regarding all benefits administered by the department of Total Rewards is available right here on our website. Please use the menu to the left to explore all of the benefits available to you. You may not be eligible for all benefit plans listed. Please reference your union contract or employee manual for details.

You can monitor your enrollment and ongoing benefit activity via your electronic Benefit Statement and Pay Stub on Academica. See your departmental administrator for instructions on how to access Academica.