Reduced Tuition for Spouse/Child

Who is Eligible for Reduced Tuition for Spouse/Child benefits?

Generally Full-Time Employees (an appointment of 100%) are eligible for Reduced Tuition for Spouse/Child benefits, subject to the following:






Full-Time or Fractional Time

+ Certain deceased  or disabled former members


Full-Time or Fractional Time

Staff Association

Full-Time or Fractional Time

Public Safety


+ Certain deceased former members



Building Trades

Operating Engineers

Operating Engineers Supervisors




GEOC and Grad Assistants

Full-Time or Fractional Time



  • Generally "Spouse" means (a) the person to whom the eligible employee is legally wed (Spouse), or  (b) the same-sex partner or the opposite-sex partner – called Other Eligible Person (OEP).
  • The status of Spouse or OEP must be met as of the first day of classes for the term for which benefits are requested.  The OEP status is verified by completion of the Health Benefits Form for DP/OEP. See OEP Website for instructions.
  • Generally "Child" means a child or stepchild of an eligible employee and/or his/her Spouse or Other Eligible Person AND who is less than 26 years as of the first day of classes for the term for which benefits are requested. The child does NOT have to be an IRS dependent of the eligible employee. The University reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify eligibility of all dependents.
  • Certain children of former employees are eligible for Reduced Tuition for Spouse/Child benefits: (a) AAUP-AFT bargaining unit members who were holding tenure or employment security status and who died or became disabled while employed at WSU, or (b) Police Officers Labor Council bargaining unit members who had 10 years or more of service who died while employed at WSU.

What are the course and credit limits?

There are NO course or credit limits for Reduced Tuition for Spouse/Child benefits, except that Reduced Tuition for Spouse/Child benefits do not cover coursework for the MD, JD or PharmD programs.

What Events Result in Forfeited Benefits?

Benefits will be forfeited and the charges will be owed by the student under the following circumstances:

Payroll Status:

  • If the employee resigns, is terminated, is subject to a layoff, RIF or leave of absence before the date the term ends, the Reduced Tuition for Spouse/Child benefit is NOT forfeited; however no future Reduced Tuition for Spouse/Child benefits will be granted unless the employee becomes eligible again.

Passing Grade and Incomplete Coursework:

  • Passing Grades are required for Spouse/Children of eligible employees represented by six (6) unions:  P&A union, Staff Association union, AFSCME union, Public Safety union, Operating Engineers and the SEIU union
  • A passing grade for undergraduate courses is "D" or better and for graduate courses is "C" or better. Grades of "S" and "P" are also considered passing grades. All withdrawals are considered NOT passing.
  • Benefits and Wellness processes a grade report after the close of each term to determine whether a passing grade was achieved and whether the student dropped a course, withdrew from a course, or took an incomplete for the course.  Benefits and Wellness will re-process the benefit and the benefit for any course without a passing grade will be cancelled (forfeited) and the student will be responsible for payment of charges related to that course for that term, including any registration fees.
  • The student should notify the HR Service Center of any subsequent grade changes which will result in restoration of his/her benefit, provided the grade is changed within 12 months from the end of the term for which benefits were originally requested.