Leaves of Absence

The following questions and answers are intended to address some of the concerns of individuals considering an unpaid leave of absence.  In the event you go in an unpaid status, you must contact HR Client Services at (313) 577-3000 to make arrangements for the continuation of your benefits.

When will my benefits end?

All benefits will end on the first of the month, following or concurrent with the start of your unpaid leave.

Can I continue my benefits?

Yes. You can continue your medical, life dental and vision insurance by paying the total premium. You will be billed by Automated Benefits Services, our Third Party Administrator.

Complete and return this form to continue benefits while on leave of absence.

How do I pay for the coverage?

The university will invoice you for the full months premium between the start of your unpaid leave and your return to work. Your check or money order should be made payable to Wayne State University. Premium payments are due on the first of the month. Please write your invoice number on you check or money order.

If I let my benefits end, when will they start up again?

Generally, your medical and life insurance (with university subsidy) will restart on the first of the month following your return from leave.

If I let my benefits end, can I restart them during my leave of absence?

You can start the medical insurance while on leave but your enrollment is subject to the applicable waiting period. You cannot restart the dental or life insurance.

Should I notify you of the birth of my child, or recent marriage, even though I have let my benefits lapse?

Yes. If you want your child or new spouse covered by your policy when you return from leave, you must notify our office in writing within thirty days of the child's birth of date of marriage.

If I continue my benefits while on leave, should I notify the HR Service Center of the birth of a child? If so, when should I notify the HR Service Center?

If you continue your benefits while on a leave, you must notify the HR Service Center within thirty days of the date of birth. If the newborn is not added within thirty days, coverage is not available until the next open enrollment period, or if coverage is HAP or BCBS the newborn can be added the first of the month following 90 day waiting period.

What if I am on leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act?

You may continue medical, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits under the same conditions and at the same cost as if you had continued to work.While you exhaust paid-time, any payroll deductions for benefits will continue to occur. Depending on the length of your leave, if all or part of is unpaid, you will either be billed for the employee share of your benefits or the premiums due will be deducted from your paycheck following your return to work. Since FMLA does not cover life insurance, you will be responsible for its full cost (university and employee share).

Are there alternative medical benefits available if I'm travelling outside of the United States?

GeoBlue (formally HTH Worldwide) Medical Benefits Plan is designed for outbound students, staff, faculty and their dependents.  Plan information is available at http://www.studyabroad.wayne.edu/outbound/insurance.php