Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability is compensation following exhaustion of your sick/vacation time, subject to contractual provisions, and continuing thru the last day of the 180 day elimination period of continuous absence.  Please refer to your union contract/personnel manual for participation and eligibility requirements regarding Short Term Disability. 

The non-academic union contracts can be accessed at    

The academic union contract can be accessed at  

The non-represented personnel manual can be accessed at


Union                                                             Section of Contract


AAUP/AFT                                                  Article XIII Leaves of Absence – C.1.d


AFSCME Local 1497                                 Article (20) Income Disability Programs – C.1-4


Michigan Building Trades                          Letter of Agreement #1 – Medical Leave (unpaid)


Operating Engineers                                  Article (12) Income Disability Programs – C.1-6


Police Officers                                           not addressed – some language about extended absence due to duty-related injuries)


Service Employees Local 517-M               Article (33) Income Disability Programs – C.1-5


U.A.W. P&A Local 1979                            (not addressed)


U.A.W. Staff Assoc. Local 2071                Article (41) Income Disability Programs – C.1-5


Unite Here! Local 24 (Janitors)                  (not addressed)


Unite Here! Local 24 (Housekeepers)       (not addressed)

Note: If you exhaust your sick/vacation time and have questions about Short Term Disability eligibility, please contact Benefits & Wellness at 313-577-3000. If Short Term Disability is applicable, medical certification will be required before such status can be implemented.